Now available in 4 DIY parts


A self powered extension case for eurorack modules

Our UNCPROP FamilyTool makes use of virtually any semi-modular synthesizer and aims to make them even greater. The FamilyTool consists of a unique MULT-OR-SWITCH module, 3D files for printing a 20hp case, a power supply unit for the case, and wooden end cheeks.

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Part 1

The case

Our case – 3D printable. You can get the print ready files and print them at any major online 3D printing service! The best thing: It’s pay what you want.

Part 2

The cheeks

To complete your setup, get a pair of our wood cheeks and you’re ready to roll!

Part 3


Get the PCB for the internal power supply unit for our case. This is optional for use of other eurorack modules (ours is passive).

Part 4

The DIY Module

Our MULT-OR-SWITCH module offers endless patching fun with 24 I/Os. Get the PCB and panel and a parts list to build it yourself!

UNCPROP Mounted Wooden Cheeks
UNCPROP The DIY PCB & panel kit
Screws for mounting the case


The Mounted Setup

Get mounted wood cheeks and the PCB & panel set at a discounted price

€48 €39

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Here’s a few examples of what you can do with our FamilyTool and a DFAM.

Listen to the patch sounds on Instagram


Uncertain Proportions

We are Uncertain Proportions and now we’re building uncertain props – UNCPROPS. We’ve been building, modding and –most importantly– playing all sorts of synths for over ten years now. There’s a deep fascination for these delicate and monstrous machines that captured us right from the start. Besides jamming in our studio we compose music for performing arts, play live and host soldering workshops. Our professional background besides musical education includes communication design, architecture and conceptual design – with the FamilyTool we want to give a useful piece of gear to a community that has presented us with nothing but love and support from day one. We’re proud to be part of the modular world and hope you fancy our addition to it.

Live gig or jam session – now better than ever.
Our FamilyTool module itself combines the best tools available for a passive prop.

The MULT-OR-SWITCH module offers:

  • 6 A/B switches including two OR-mixers
  • Passive MULT
  • Double, triple or quadruple your inputs – millionize your creative output
  • Attenuated switching between two sources to one dedicated out – or vice versa
  • Up to six switchable routings allow to prepare multiple patches at the same time
  • Switch modulation destinations and sound sources immediately – whenever wanted
  • Control the amount of your sources or mute them instantly

Millions of possibilities – new sounds. We want you to benefit from the eurorack system without the necessity to start a whole rack. Within minutes you’ll now be able to massively extend the functionality of two of the best synthesizers ever built (or really any other semi-modular synth).

Two of the six A/B switches offer a passive OR-logic mixer that gives you control of the rectified sum of the A and B input – or just one of them. The new type of sounds you can come up with and the versatility you gain by switching between them give you more control – especially cool when playing live!

The lightweight UNCPROP case can be fixed with a couple of screws on either side or in-between two DFAM/Mother-32. The slightly adjusted shape of our UNCPROP case provides space for any eurorack module up to 35mm in depth.

On the left side of the module you’ll find a passive MULT which allows you to multiply a signal four times or to duplicate two individual inputs. The intuitive and functional design provides instant access to all parameters quickly.