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Frequently Asked Questions

About FamilyTool

What is the FamilyTool and the UNCPROP case?

FamilyTool is our extension for semi-modular synthesizers. It consists of a 20hp eurorack module, a passive mult, and the UNCPROP case to hold it. The case can include a power supply (optional) to power other eurorack modules.

We have previously tried to launch FamilyTool via kickstarter, but have failed. The many positive messages and vibes though convinced us to launch in a different format and without crowdfunding. Check out the four parts in our shop.

Do you offer a ready built version of FamilyTool?

Unfortunately we do not offer ready made FamilyTools and cases at this point. But hey, didn’t you always want to get into soldering? Our props are fairly simple to build and therefore a great startng point!

Do I need the PSU (power supply unit)?

Our FamilyTool module itself is passive i.e. it does not need a power source. If you want to use our UNCPROP case with other modules that require a dedicated power source, then you should get the PSU.

Shop, Shipping & Payment

How long will the delivery of my order take?

It takes up to three weeks for orders to leave our warehouse. Usually, this takes no more than a week, but sometimes we have to resupply elements. Then, depending on your location shipping should take anywhere between 1 day (Germany) and 2 weeks.

I don't have a PayPal account, can I still shop with you?

You should be able to use the PayPal gateway with you credit card without having to sign up. Should you have any trouble, please contact us here.

How long will the delivery of my order take?

You can revoke your order and send it back to us at your expense up until 14 days after you’ve received it. Find more info here.