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The Mounted Bundle

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The Mounted Setup

Get mounted wood cheeks and the PCB & panel set at a discounted price.
The only other thing you need is the printed case.

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The Mounted Setup

Get mounted wood cheeks and the PCB & panel set at a discounted price

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Our mounted wood cheeks
Our PCB & panel DIY kit
3d printed UNCPROP case (not included)
Screws to mount the case to your existing synthesizer


  • Mounted Wood Cheeks
  • FamilyTool DIY PCB & panel kit
  • 8 screws for mounting the case


  • 3D print of our case, files are here
  • the parts from the BOM to build the module
  • sliding square nuts M3, 5.5 x 2 mm (to fix module in case)
  • 4 x M3 screws, DIN 7985 / ISO 7045 (to fix module in case)
  • optional: the PSU kit if you need a power source for other modules


Get our wooden cheeks for mounted use of the case and the DIY panel & pcb kit to build your own FamilyTool.
Get the DIY-Kit for our FamilyTool module: PCB and panel. Parts for building to be bought separately.

You will mount the UNCPROP case to your DFAM/Mother-32. You will get two cheeks, one for the right end and one for the middle with a bigger hole for the powering if needed and mounting holes to attach your DFAM/Mother-32.

And here’s a short manual for mounting the case

Download a detailed list of all parts (BOM) needed or order most parts directly over at Mouser Electronics.

DISCLAIMER: You alone are responsible for ensuring that the finished module does not cause harm to other equipment to which you connect it. The correct assembly, safe power supply and necessary adjustment of the module is your personal responsibility. Damage to other devices is your responsibility. UNCPROP MODULAR (Droessel, Heumann & Schankule GbR) is not responsible for any injury to yourself or others or damage to your property or other property during the build or use of the circuit boards provided. We currently don’t offer or carry out repairs of any kind. Although we will be happy to assist you via email if you encounter problems throughout the process. Product image is 3D impression of final case.